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Management Phiosophy

Sound technology, reliable KAKEN

KAKEN LTD became independent from Kaken Test Center, a general incorporated foundation (formerly the Japan Synthetic Textile Inspection Institute Foundation), to meet the needs of the changing times, starting its businesses in Chuo-ku, Tokyo in 1998.

Strengthening our cooperation with Kaken Test Center since then, we have been steadily improving our inspection technology in accordance with our company motto: sound technology, reliable KAKEN.

Through testing and inspection of various products including apparel, household goods, bedding, interior goods and soft toys, we have become highly trusted as a testing organization designated or recommended by retail companies, specialty chains and TV mail-order companies.
We will continue to respond to the needs of our customers under our basic policy, "sound technology, reliable KAKEN".

Yukio Kaneki, Chairman of board, President

  • 1. Reliable operations based on fairness and high ethical standards
  • 2. Action based on reliable, accurate assessments from a broad perspective taking into    account changes in the environment
  • 3. Strong management base to give back to employees and society

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